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Vertical Land Motion Dataset for the US Gulf Coast

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posted on 2023-05-08, 18:40 authored by Leonard OhenhenLeonard Ohenhen, Manoochehr ShirzaeiManoochehr Shirzaei

This dataset is a single file (glf_vlm.csv), which contains the vertical land motion (VLM) and standard deviation in cm/year for the United States Gulf Coast. 

The VLM dataset was obtained between 2007 to 2020 using interferometric analysis of space-borne synthetic aperture radar images from two different satellites (Sentinel-1 and Advanced Land Observing Satellite) in concert with global navigation satellite system measurements. The satellite data was processed using the WabInSAR algorithm ( software?authuser=0).


NASA grant 80NSSC170567



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United States Gulf Coast

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Leonard Ohenhen

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The file has 4 columns; longitude (deg.), latitude (deg.), VLM (cm/yr), and standard deviation (cm/yr).