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Supplementary Material for Shorter et. al. 2018 (V2)

posted on 25.02.2021, 13:35 authored by Derek Hennen, Paul Marek, Patricia Shorter
This supplementary dataset includes three files: an Appendix A with the materials examined data for all the Andrognathus millipede specimens used in this study and an Appendix B, which contains the georeferenced locality data from literature records for the genus Andrognathus. Appendix C contains the COI distance matrix for Andrognathus corticarius specimens. This data was used in the paper 'Cryptic diversity in Andrognathus corticarius Cope, 1869 and description of a new Andrognathus species from New Mexico (Diplopoda, Platydesmida, Andrognathidae)' by Shorter et. al. 2018. This dataset was updated on 20180726 with the addition of files 'Appendix_B_Andrognathus_Localities.csv' and 'Appendix_A_Andrognathus_Specimens.csv'. The original dataset can be found at the following DOI, doi:10.7294/W4765CHR.



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