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Replication Data for Paneru et al 2023: Effect of pasture system on fearfulness and leg health in fast-growing broiler chickens

posted on 2023-03-03, 14:54 authored by Leonie JacobsLeonie Jacobs

Dataset on animal welfare measures for broiler chickens housed with access to a silvopasture system or an open grassland pasture system.


The National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, through the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program (LS20-332)

This Research and Education Grant project was awarded a 2021 James Harrison Hill, Sr. Young Scholar Enhancement Grant award in support of an undergraduate college student

EcoFriendly Foods LLC



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Leonie Jacobs

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[PLOS one dataset R1]: Replication dataset [Key]: Description of column headings in dataset [Tonic_immobility_EXP1-2]: Tonic immobility data for experiment 1 and 2 [FPD_HOCK_EXP1-2]: Footpad and hock health data for experiment 1 and 2 [Gait_LTL_EXP1-2]: Gait scores and latency to lie data for experiment 1 and 2 [Weather_soilcondition_EXP1]: Weather and soil conditions data experiment 1