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Racial Identity, Reparations, and Modern Views of Justice Concerning Slavery

posted on 2022-04-18, 17:09 authored by Ashley ReichelmannAshley Reichelmann, Jason RoosJason Roos, Michael Hughes

This dataset has been cut from a larger dataset collected in March 2019. The wider data collection sought to understand the relationship between Confederate symbols and race relations in the United States. Using a survey-based experiment, the project explored if the Confederate Flag, the American Flag, or the surrender flag (as opposed to no flag) had differing effects on emotions and racial attitudes, such as traditional racism, resentment, and racial policy attitudes, to name a few. This particular dataset only shares data from the relationships being explored in our published manuscript in Public Opinion Quarterly. Specifically, we address the question: how do racial identity, pride in one’s racial group, and views of undeservingness of Black Americans affect support for symbolic reparations? The experimental manipulation had no effect on these relationships.  


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