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Observations At Backyard Bird Feeders Influence The Emotions And Actions Of People That Feed Birds - Dataset

posted on 2021-02-24, 02:55 authored by Ashley A. Dayer, Connor Rosenblatt, David N. Bonter, Holly Faulker, Richard J. Hall, Wesley M. Hochachka, Tina Phillips, Dana M. Hawley
Online survey data and survey instrument to accompany Dayer, Rosenblatt, Bonter, Faulkner, Hall, Hochachka, Phillips, and Hawley (2019) in People and Nature. This online survey was conducted from July 21 to August 14 2017 via Qualtrics. The sample of 2,048 was drawn from Project FeederWatch participants ( We sent participants an email solicitation from the Lab of Ornithology with an individualized link to the survey. Up to three reminder emails were sent to those who had not completed the survey. The survey was conducted with approval from the Cornell University Institutional Review Bird for Human Participants Participants (Protocol #1706007274). Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board relied on Cornell University’s review and exemption decision. Consent to voluntarily participate and confirmation that participants were at least 18 years old were obtained on the first page of the online survey. Overall, 1180 citizen scientists responded to the survey. One individual who took the survey twice was removed from the sample, and three respondents under the age of 18 (based on age provided in the demographics section) were also removed. The overall response rate was 59%. It should be noted that due to an error in the online survey response settings in the first 18 hours of survey administration, the final sample size for three items (“How do you respond when you see cats near your feeders?”; “How do you respond when you see hawks near your feeders?”; “Do you think your bird feeding has led to any of the following in your immediate areas?”) was only 832 respondents. A filter is available in the dataset to use the appropriate truncated dataset when analyzing these survey items and those derived from them .


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