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Non-migrating diurnal tides in effective neutral temperature and column O/N2 ratio from TIE-GCM

posted on 10.09.2021, 21:57 authored by Christopher KrierChristopher Krier

Files containing the non-migrating diurnal tidal amplitudes and phases in effective neutral temperature and column O/N2 ratio as a function of latitude (degrees) during October and January simulated by the TIE-GCM model. O/N2 amplitudes are reported as percent relative to the zonal mean. Temperature amplitudes are in units of Kelvin. Phases are reported as the universal time of maximum at 0º longitude. An additional file is provided reporting the contribution function as a function of altitude (km) for nadir viewing (emission angle equal to 0º) and solar zenith angle equal to 70º. The contribution function, provided by Computational Physics, Inc., weights the neutral temperature profiles used to derive the tides. The vertical column O/N2 ratio is computed relative to a standard reference N2 depth of 1017 cm-2 .


NASA contract 80GSFC18C0061



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