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Newt Pond Reclamation Experiment and Newt Life Stage Study data

posted on 2024-06-12, 18:58 authored by Lisa BeldenLisa Belden, Korin JonesKorin Jones, Jenifer B. Walke, Matthew Becker

Includes data for Newt Pond Reclamation Experiment and Newt Life Stage Study

The Newt Pond Reclamation experiment was conducted to better understand how the newt skin microbiome would respond and potentially recover post antibiotic disturbance when given access to environmental microbes. Newts were collected from the wild and swabbed to characterize their initial microbiomes before being subject to an antibiotic treatment. Post treatment, newts were swabbed and placed in mesh containers within their natural environment. Newts were subsequently swabbed to understand how their microbial communities shifted over time following antibiotic exposure. The sequences included are from the 16S rRNA gene v4 variable region.

The Newt Life Stage Study investigated variation in the newt skin bacterial microbiome across 4 life stages of newts, namely aquatic larvae, terrestrial juveniles, aquatic adults and terrestrial adults, using amplicon sequencing of the v4 region of the 16S rRNA gene.



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[NewtPRE1 amplicon data] – [] – NewtPRE1 amplicon data forward reads (R1) [] – NewtPRE1 amplicon data barcode reads (R2) [NewtPRE1_mapping_file_all_comb.txt] – metadata file (txt) [NewtPRE2 and LSS amplicon data] – [] – NewtPRE2andLSS amplicon data forward reads (R1) [] – NewtPRE2andLSS amplicon data barcode reads (R2) [NewtPRE2andLSS_Mapping_File.txt] – metadata file (txt) [Code and metadata for Newt Reclamation Experiment] – [Meta_Table.csv] – Metadata file. This file includes illumina barcodes and linker primer sequences for each sample. This also contains treatment information. [qPCR_Tab_Fin.csv] – qPCR data file. This file includes qPCR values for each sample. [Newt_For_Review010324.Rmd] – R notebook used to analyze associated data.