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Longitudinal Survey of Cybercriminology – April 2020

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posted on 2023-08-28, 18:16 authored by Katalin PartiKatalin Parti, James HawdonJames Hawdon, Thomas DeardenThomas Dearden


This survey is part of a series of cross-sectional online polls. The series begins in 2019. Questions focus around three main areas, cyberoffending, cybervictimization, and criminology. Demographic and other computer use questions are also included. 

Additional datasets in the series:


The Institute for Culture, Society, and Environment at Virginia Tech

The Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention at Virginia Tech

The Integrated Security Destination Area at Virginia Tech



University Libraries, Virginia Tech

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Thomas Dearden

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Survey 2020.pdf – PDF of Survey Instrument General+Cybercriminology+Survey+2020COVID.csv – CSV Dataset, direct export of data using text General+Cybercriminology+Survey+2020COVID.dta – This is a Stata data file. Import was created using SPSS. The same file would be created by importing the SPSS dataset using Stata’s import function. – a do syntax file for cleaning a few demographic variables for the Stata file above.