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Kansas Data from the Wildlife Viewer Survey


Through a 2021 AFWA MultiState Conservation Grant, Virginia Tech and the AFWA Wildlife Viewing and Nature Tourism Working Group conducted national and state level surveys to gather more data on wildlife viewers. This dataset is from the survey conducted in Kansas. It contains:

1. Kansas Wildlife Viewer Survey.pdf: a pdf version of the survey instrument 

2. Kansas_WildlifeViewerSurvey.csv: a csv (comma-separated values) file of the dataset 

3. Kansas_WildlifeViewerSurvey.sav: a sav (compatible with SPSS, the Statistical Package for Social Science) file of the dataset

4. WildlifeViewerSurveyData_VariableGuide: a guide to each variable name in the datasets.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Multistate Conservation Grant Program (grant # F21AP00617-00)

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks



University Libraries, Virginia Tech

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Ashely Dayer

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Files/Folders in Dataset and Description

[README.rtf] - an overview of the datasheets and files. [Kansas Results of the Wildlife Viewer Survey - Dataset] - Online survey data and survey instrument to accompany the report Kansas Results of the Wildlife Viewer Survey: Enhancing relevancy and engaging support from a broader constituency by Sinkular, Pototsky, and Dayer (2022). Report accessible at This online survey was conducted from October 29-December 15, 2021 via Qualtrics. All 765 survey respondents resided in Kansas for most of the year, were over the age of 18, and reported participating in wildlife viewing (defined as closely observing, photographing, or feeding wildlife, maintaining plantings or habitat for the benefit of wildlife, or taking trips to parks or other natural areas with the purpose of observing, feeding, or photographing wildlife) in the past five years. The survey was conducted with approval from the Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board (Protocol #20-1002). [WildlifeViewerSurveyData_VariableGuide.xlsx] – Codebook containing answer options for questions in survey instrument, in .docx format. [Kansas Wildlife Viewer Survey.pdf] - Survey instrument containing all questions asked in pdf. [Kansas_WildlifeViewerSurvey.csv] - Comma-separated value (CSV) file containing 765 individual and de-identified survey results. [Kansas_WildlifeViewerSurvey.sav] - SPSS Data File (SAV) containing 765 individual and de-identified survey results.