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Investigation of the Relationships Between Geotechnical Sediment Properties and Sediment Dynamics Using Geotechnical and Geophysical Field Measurements

posted on 2022-06-09, 11:22 authored by Reem JaberReem Jaber, Nina Stark

This dataset includes field and laboratory data collected to characterize and measure sediment properties at four sites: Delaware Bay, DE; Pea Island, NC; York River, VA and James River, VA. It includes the raw and processed data for different instruments used, in addition to laboratory test results. It also includes the codes and sheets used for analysis.  



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1. Delaware Bay, Delaware. Coordinates are: 38.87228° lat, -75.2205° lon 2. Pea Island, North Carolina. Coordinates are: 35.76304° lat, -75.52454° lon 3. York River, Virginia. Coordinates are: 37.343542° lat, -76.61779° lon 4. James River, Virginia. Coordinates are: 36.95597° lat, -76.41206° lon