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Insect pollinator visitors to ornamental landscape plants data and code to analyze abundance and diversity in experimental gardens

posted on 2022-11-18, 11:16 authored by Michala Palmersheim, Roger SchuerchRoger Schuerch, Megan O'Rourke, Holly Scoggins, Margaret CouvillonMargaret Couvillon, Jenna Slezak

This data set accompanies the article MC Palmersheim, R Schürch, ME O’Rourke, J Slezak, & MJ Couvillon (2022) “If You Grow It, They Will Come: Ornamental Plants Impact the Abundance and Diversity of Pollinators and Other Flower-Visiting Insects in Gardens”, Horticulturae.


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Margaret J. Couvillon

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Files/Folders in Dataset and Description 04_data data_empty.csv – main data file plants.csv – plant plot information 05_code R 000_master.R – master file to run all other R files and render the Rmarkdown file 001_dataprep.R – script to prepare the data 002_analysis.R – script to analyze the data Rmarkdown images – folder to receive rendered image files 035_pollinator_gardens.Rmd – Rmarkdown file for statistical analysis report 06_reports – folder to receive the rendered statistical analysis report 07_background_literature 035_pollinator_gardens.bib – bibliography file for rendering statistical analysis report currentbiology.csl – citation style