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Hourly and Daily Timescale Global Soil Respiration Data (HGRsD)

posted on 2021-02-23, 18:21 authored by Jinshi Jian, Meredith Steele
HGRsD is a database of collected soil respiration measurements from published studies at a global scale. The time interval of soil respiration is hourly and daily. Only publications reported daily or diurnal soil respiration were included in this database. We make this database publicly available, intended to serve as a resource for scientific analysis. Table1: HGRsD, which holds an hourly interval soil respiration and together with other ancillary measurements. Tables 2: HGRsD, which holds an daily interval soil respiration and together with other ancillary measurements. Tables 3: Publication list digitized to generate MGRsD. Figure 1: Visualization of sites included in the HGRsD. How to cite this data: This data set is open, feel free to use it. No co-authorship is required. Please cite this database as: Jinshi J. and Steele M (2018) Hourly Global Soil Respiration Database (HGRsD). DOI: pending. How to contribute: We tried our best to collect as much publication as possible, but HGRsD still does not collect many sites at South hemisphere and Russia. There is a substantial publication in the Russian literature not currently in HGRsD database. We also assume there are many publications in French, Spanish and Portuguese, those data may cover study areas at south hemisphere, where our MGRsD have limited samples. If you find any soil respiration related publications which reported daily or diurnal soil respiration, and not collected by HGRsD, it will be great if you can share with us. You can upload the paper through this website or sent it to:



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