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Faculty Perceptions of Research Assessment at Virginia Tech

posted on 23.02.2021, 20:37 by James Kuypers, Rachel Miles, Amanda MacDonald, Nathaniel Porter, Virginia Pannabecker
This data set represents the data analyzed and discussed in a research article for the Journal of Altmetrics (JOA) of the same title/name. However, the original survey project was commissioned by Virginia Tech Faculty Senate to assess faculty perceptions of research assessment and salary considerations at Virginia Tech. The project was overseen by the Faculty Senate Research Assessment Committee and the resulting report was submitted to Faculty Senate and presented to the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors at their June 2019 meeting. That report can be found at https://bov.vt.edu/assets/Attachment II_Constituent Reports_June 2019.pdf, pages 12-118 (includes survey questions). The data that are available in this data set represent data that were analyzed and included in the JOA research article. Certain data, including responses to questions about salaries, are not included in this data set, because they were not a part of the analysis for the JOA publication. This data set includes four files: the survey instrument (all questions, PDF format), select quantitative responses (.csv), select qualitative responses (.csv), and the codebook for the questions in the response files (.csv). All response data have been anonymized; please see each file for more details. Racial data and departmental data are eliminated to ensure anonymity. The survey was submitted to the Institutional Review Board of Virginia Tech and was determined to not be research involving human subjects as defined by HHS and FDA regulations, resulting in approval to broadly distribute the survey to Virginia Tech faculty with expectations that responses are kept anonymous and results do not claim to be generalizable knowledge (IRB reference number 19-234).



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