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Development of a Sediment Sampling Free Fall Penetrometer Add-on Unit for Geotechnical Characterization of Seabed Surface Layers

posted on 24.02.2021, 01:56 authored by Cagdas Bilici, Nina Stark
The free fall penetrometer, BlueDrop was deployed in 4 main locations. The first location is the Louisiana Wetlands, LA. In total, 290 deployments were conducted. The second location is the Field Research Facility beach in Duck, NC. 81 deployments were conducted in 1 day from the pier of the research facility. The third location was York River, VA, where 60 deployments were conducted. The coordinates of each deployment and the penetrometer measurements can be found in the files section. Readme file was also uploaded to guide the users through the dataset.



University Libraries, Virginia Tech


York River, VA Louisiana Wetlands Duck, NC