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Dataset for: Pharmacological validation of an attention bias test for conventional broiler chickens

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posted on 2024-04-02, 18:38 authored by Marconi Italo Lourenço da Silva, Alexandra C. UlansAlexandra C. Ulans, Leonie JacobsLeonie Jacobs

Fear and anxiety are considered concerns for animal welfare as they are associated with negative affective states. This study aimed to pharmacologically validate an attention bias test (ABT) for broiler chickens as a cognitive bias test to determine anxiety. Control birds were 45 s faster to begin feeding than anxiogenic birds. Birds from the control group vocalized 40 s later and stepped 57 s later than birds from the anxiogenic group. The occurrence of vigilance behaviors did not differ between treatments. This study successfully validated an attention bias test for fast-growing broiler chickens, testing three birds simultaneously. Our findings showed that latencies to begin feeding, first vocalization, and first step were valid measures to quantify anxiety.



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