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Data from the survey of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Nongame Wildlife Program Supporters

Through a 2021 Minnesota State Grant, Virginia Tech and the MN Nongame Wildlife Program conducted a survey to better understand supporters of the MN NWP and conservation in the state of Minnesota. This dataset contains: 

  1. Survey Instrument.pdf: a pdf version of the survey instrument
  2. MN_NWPSurvey.xlsx: an xlsx file of the dataset


468034 - State of Minnesota SWIFT Contract



University Libraries, Virginia Tech


Blacksburg, Virginia

Corresponding Author Name

Ashley Dayer

Corresponding Author E-mail Address

Files/Folders in Dataset and Description

[README.rtf] - an overview of the datasheets and files. [MN_NWPSurvey.xlsx] - Excel (xlsx) file containing 1,016 individual and de-identified survey results. [Survey Instrument.pdf] - Survey instrument containing all questions asked in pdf.