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Data for Hotspot for Building Collapse due to Land Subsidence in the Coastal City of Lagos, West Africa

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posted on 2022-05-11, 13:08 authored by Leonard OhenhenLeonard Ohenhen, Manoochehr ShirzaeiManoochehr Shirzaei

The data contains 3 files:  

1. InSAR_data.csv contains the vertical land motion (VLM) and east-west in cm/year for Lagos, Nigeria. The file has 4 columns; longitude (deg.), latitude (deg.), vlm(cm/yr), east (cm/yr).

2. LagosRiskMap.tif contains the different risk levels for Lagos. The GeoTIFF file has 4 different risk levels (0-Very Low, 1-Low, 2-Medium, 3-High,4-Very High) and NaN where there is no data.

3. BuildingCollapseTable.xlsx contains the catalog of 106 building collapse data compiled for this study. The file has 12 columns: Column 1-Date, Column 2-Address, Column 3-District (LGA), Column 4- Structure, Column 5-Injuries, Column 6-Deaths, Column 7 to 12-Cited sources/Refrences


NASA grant 80NSSC170567



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Lagos, Nigeria