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Data associated with 'Continued preference for suboptimal habitat reduces bat survival with white-nose syndrome'

posted on 24.02.2021, 03:20 authored by Skylar Hopkins, A. Marm Kilpatrick, Jennifer A. Redell, John E. DePue, Kate Langwig, J. Paul White, Joseph Hoyt, William H. Scullon, Heather M. Kaarakka
For the paper entitled, “Continued preference for suboptimal habitat reduces bat survival with white-nose syndrome,” published in Nature Communications, we counted and sampled Myotis lucigufus bats from 2013-2020 in Michigan and Wisconsin. These years encompassed periods before, during, and after Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the causative agent of white-nose syndrome, invaded the region. We determined whether fungal growth rates on bats and bat recapture rates from November to March were affected by bats’ early hibernation roosting temperatures. We also determined whether bats’ distributions across roosting temperatures had changed from pre- to post-invasion to evaluate whether bats were continuing to select warm habitats, which appear to be ecological traps. This repository contains all of the individual data from sampled bats and the count data from 12 sites that were sampled during all three invasion periods. This repository also contains all of the R script files needed to replicate the analyses in our paper.



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