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Data and code to analyze foraging, recruitment, and persistency of bees visiting feeders near a mosquito repelling device that volatilizes a pyrethroid insecticide

This data set and R code accompanies the article by MJ Couvillon, BD Ohlinger, C Bizon, LE Johnson, LC McHenry, BE McMillan, and R Schürch (2023) “A volatilized pyrethroid insecticide from a mosquito repelling device does not impact honey bee foraging and recruitment", which was published in the Journal of Insect Science. 


Thermacell Repellents, Inc.



University Libraries, Virginia Tech

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Margaret Couvillon

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Files/Folders in Dataset and Description 04_data/ - folder that holds all data sheets 04_data/033_thermocell_hb_feeders-visits-odk.xlsx - main data sheet with feeder visits 04_data/therma_bee_id.csv - bee IDs in data 04_data/therma_mortality.csv - bee mortality data 04_data/Thermacell_dances_mjc.xlsx - dance data 1 04_data/Thermacell_dances_ug2.xlsx - dance data 2 04_data/Thermacell_dances_ug1.xlsx - dance data 2 05_code/ - folder that holds all code, code requires running R and emacs installations 05_code/license.txt - MIT license to go with all code 05_code/999_ggplot_vt_theme.R - theme for VT styled plots in the analysis report 05_code/000_master.R 05_code/001_data_prep.R - data preparation script 05_code/002_validation.R - data validation script 05_code/003_analysis.R - data analysis script 05_code/orgmode/ - folder that contains the statistical analysis report (SAP) 05_code/orgmode/images/ - folder that contains the images rendered for the SAP 05_code/orgmode/images/map.png - map rendered for the SAP 05_code/orgmode/images/bp_raw_for_freq_for_MS.png - result figure rendered for the SAP 05_code/orgmode/images/emmean_for_freq_for_MS.png - result figure rendered for the SAP 05_code/orgmode/images/emmean_dance_freq_for_MS.png - result figure rendered for the SAP 05_code/orgmode/images/emmean_per_freq_for_MS.png - result figure rendered for the SAP 05_code/orgmode/033_Thermacell_StatAnalysisReport_for_MS.pdf - rendered SAP 05_code/orgmode/ - Emacs/Org-mode source for SAP 07_background_literature/ - folder that holds the BibTeX bibliography file 07_background_literature/thermacell2.bib - BibTeX bibliography file for SAP

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