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Data Associated with A Framework for Assessing Lower-Bound Bearing Capacity of Sandy Coastal Sediments from Remotely Sensed Imagery

posted on 2022-04-04, 00:28 authored by Julie Paprocki
Laboratory and field data collected to characterize coastal sites from satellite-based remote sensing at four sites: Yakutat, AK; Duck, NC; Kentland Farm, VA; and Durham, NH. This dataset includes the raw and processed data (except for original satellite-based data) as well as the associated codes needed to replicate the results.



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1. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Field Research Facility (FRF) Beach in Duck, North Carolina. The Facility Coordinates are: 36.182101°N, 75.751282°W 2. Three sites near the city of Yakutat, Alaska a. Cannon Beach: Cannon Beach Coordinates are: 59.492227°N, 139.727917°W b. Ocean Cape: Ocean Cape Coordinates are: 59.550961°N, 139.852006°W c. Point Carrew: Ocean Cape Coordinates are: 59.554591°N, 139.808653°W 3. Kentland Farm near Blacksburg, Virginia: Kentland Farm Coordinates are: 37.19993°N, 80.56509°W 4. Great Bay Estuary near Durham, New Hampshire a. Adam's Point: Adam's Point Coordinates are: 43.09136°N, 70.8649°W b. Woody: Woody Coordinates are: 43.09432°N, 70.87117°W c. Mast Cove: Mast Cove Coordinates are: 43.11626°N, 70.79848°W