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Characterizing Virginia Localities and School Divisions (public dataset)

posted on 2021-02-25, 10:05 authored by Isabel S Bradburn
This dataset contains information characterizing Virginia's counties, cities and local education agencies (or school divisions). The dataset was created to assist researchers using the Virginia Longitudinal Data system (VLDS) as part of the Building Research Infrastructure and Community Project (BRIC). Original data sources together with other metadata notes are included with each datafile. The set contains 9 datafiles: • Virginia Locality and School Division Geographic and Select Population Data • Virginia Locality and School Division Select Characteristics Composite • Locality and Division Economic Sector and Population Characteristics 2010 - 2015 • Virginia Economic Education Resources by Division • School personnel salaries 2005-2017 • Virginia Composite Index 2004-2018 Local-Ability-to-Pay-Education-Service • Virginia County Health Rankings 2010-2017 with School Divisions • Virginia School Divisions and Legislative Information 2015 • Rural-Urban Commuting Areas, Virginia 2006-2010



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