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Building a 3D Data Preservation Model for Cross-Disciplinary Use - Web Survey

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posted on 2021-04-29, 16:55 authored by Alex KinnamanAlex Kinnaman
This dataset is a collection of web survey responses on 3D curation and digital preservation workflows. This survey was approved by Virginia Tech IRB (VT-IRB 20-479) in 2020 and distributed for 3 months to digital preservation, 3D curation, and other related audiences. The questions were optional, largely open-ended, and designed for a narrative response.

Numerous disciplines are producing 3D and virtual reality (VR) data but without the guidance of published standards. While some methods for curating 3D data have emerged, and while there are data sets available for specific disciplines, this is a dynamic area of study and there are few practices that are widely used across disciplines. The purpose of this study is to survey researchers working with, producing, and/or preserving 3D data on their methods for documenting their 3D production and preservation workflows, and their level of preservation planning. This will inform the Digital Imaging & Preservation Services department to develop a workflow for preserving 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) data.

We also conducted a multi-case study uses data sets created for research and education at Virginia Tech from 2019-2020. The study uses three data samples, each created with different modalities. As an initial study, our approach to the topic was to describe the curation activities we complete on these data sets and then provide reflections to inform the work of the wider research data management community through the lessons that we learn.

Through the case study interviews and test cases and the wider survey, we gained valuable information that has informed our decisions in what metadata and steps we will preserve in this project. Our final file format, metadata schema, strategy for collecting provenance and technical information, and documenting project context have been further defined. The project to which we are applying these design considerations is the photogrammetry of entomology specimens from the Virginia Tech Insect Collection, and will expand to a broader 3D curation program.



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