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Appendix A - CFT Connections: State-of-the-art report and numerical validation by 3D FEM

posted on 2023-11-16, 21:45 authored by Roberto LeonRoberto Leon, Jose Wilches Estan, Hernan Santa Maria, Anibal Graterol

This data set was the first step in the development of a robust analytical model for connections between concrete filled tube members. Appendix A describes the range of variables and significant observations from one hundred and thirty-five tests found in the open literature. This data set (a) provides the starting point for a future robust calibration and verification database for composite connection studies, and (b) served as the basis for a number of the modeling decisions made in the second part of the research.


CONICYT Doctorate Scholarship and the Research Center for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (CIGIDEN) FONDAP 15110017 - Chile

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This is a single Excel file that is submitted as an electronic data set labelled Appendix A to the article CFT Connections: State-of-the-art report and numerical validation by 3D FEM by Jose Wilches, Roberto Leon, Hernán Santa Maria, and Anibal Graterold to be submitted to the periodical Engineering Structures. The spreadsheet contains both description of symbols and references at the bottom of the table.

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