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Angular Distortion Data for the U.S. east coast

posted on 2023-03-20, 14:16 authored by Leonard OhenhenLeonard Ohenhen, Manoochehr ShirzaeiManoochehr Shirzaei

 The dataset contains the angular distortion map for the U.S. east coast based on the vertical land motion map. The file contains a single file, with 4 columns: Column 1: Longitude in deg Column 2: Latitude in deg Column 3: angular distortion Column 4: angular distortion categories. There are 4 angular distortion categories: low-0, medium-1, high-2, and very high-3. These categories are based on the angular distortion values, viz: low (angular distortion<1/3,000), medium (1/3,000 ≤angular distortion<1/1,500), high (1/1,500 ≤angular distortion≤1/500), and very high (angular distortion>1/500). 


NASA Grant 80NSSC170567



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Leonard Ohenhen

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File 1- betacon.csv: Angular Distortion map for the U.S. east coast.