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Alternative analytics strategies to complement meta-regression analyses in animal nutrition: an example exploring variation in milk yield and composition - Supplementary Material

posted on 2022-10-31, 13:26 authored by Sathya Sujani Imaduwa Wickrama Acharige, Barbara Roqueto dos ReisBarbara Roqueto dos Reis, Robin WhiteRobin White

This is the list of publications used for a meta-analysis. In the list, references for 105 publications used for this database is presented. Publications were selected based on following criteria.  Studies were constrained to those English-language papers presenting in vivo experiments reporting data on dietary ingredients, inclusion rates, total and individual volatile fatty acid molar proportions, milk yield, and composition; and reporting least squares means and standard errors of the means (SEM) or standard deviation (SD) for milk outcomes.  



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Sujani_et_al_2022_JDS_SupplementaryTableS1.docx: Word document containing Supplementary Table 1, publications used in the meta-analysis described in the associated manuscript