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All code and datasets for, "Differences in urban arthropod communities may not limit the nestling diet of a generalist songbird"

 In this study we analyzed how arthropod communities might differ in terms of abundance, biomass, and diversity between urban and rural habitats in Southwest Virginia. We additionally explored how any of these differences might have effects on the diet of a local arthropod predator, the song sparrow (Melospiza melodia). To this end we quantified the mass of stomach contents as well as arthropod abundance in both rural and urban song sparrow nestlings. 


NSF IOS 1652496

NSF IOS 2114288

The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology GIAR

Global Change Center at Virginia Tech IGC Fellowship

Virginia Society of Ornithology

Virginia Tech Ralph E. Carlson Memorial Scholarship in Ornithology



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Isaac VanDiest

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[Code for Submission] - Zipped folder containing all code and .csv files to generate models and figures [2020_21 arthropod datablitz ijv221031] - Arthropod Community dataset as .csv [Arthropod Community Code for Submission (VanDiest)] - R code needed to run all models and generate figures for arthropod section of the manuscript. [nstl gut content] - Nestling diet content dataset as .csv [Stomach Content Code for Submission (VanDiest)] - R code needed to run all models for the nestling diet section of the manuscript. The R version analyses were conducted under version 4.2.2, and all code was checked in R studio version 2023.09.1 The ‘Arthropod Community Code for Submission (VanDiest)’ script requires the installation of the following package since it's stored in an odd place: if (!require("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("phyloseq")