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Advancement of using portable free fall penetrometers in energetic sandy nearshore areas

posted on 2021-02-24, 13:47 authored by Ali Albatal, Nina Stark
The free fall Penetrometer BlueDrop (BlueDrop image) was deployed in three main locations. The first location is The Field Research Facility beach in Duck, North Carolina. Here, 80 deployments were conducted (FRF_Beach_Deployments image). The second and third locations are near Yakutat City, Alaska. In these locations, 150 deployments were conducted in Cannon Beach and 150 deployments were conducted in Yakutat Bay (Cannon_Beach_&_Yakutat_Bay_Deployments image). The coordinates of each deployment, the measurements by the BlueDrop and the analyses results are can be found in the Files section. More information about the files content and structure, please look at the readme file associating the data.



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Yakutat, Alaska Duck, North Carolina