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A Revised Measure of Ely’s Conditions of Change: Initial Psychometric Properties of the Implementation Profile Inventory II

posted on 2021-02-25, 10:04 authored by Heidi Dickens, Daniel Berry
Perceptions of conditions that influence implementation of innovations are important measures of success and can serve as a planning guide for the instructional designer (Ely, 1990a, 1990b, 1999a, 1999b; Ensminger & Surry, 2002; Ensminger, 2005). The IPI-II is a revised scale (Ensminger & Surry, n.d.), designed to measure users’ perceptions of the importance of Ely’s (1990a) eight conditions of change. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was conducted to determine the psychometric properties and underlying factor structure of the IPI-II in a sample of 252 university faculty and staff. Results from comparing three alternative factor structure models provide evidence supporting Ensminger et al.’s (2004) hypothesized four-factor structure for the IPI-II along with evidence of excellent construct validity and internal consistency. More importantly, the results provide evidence supporting a better fitting five-factor solution for the IPI-II. Expanding the number of higher-level factors from four to five and reconceptualizing the fifth factor labeled to address the condition of Dissatisfaction with Status Quo, may improve the measurement model. Recommendations are offered to facilitate the process of developing a new set of indicator measures to achieve a stable, well-defined solution for the structure of the IPI-II.This study represents the first psychometric evaluation of the IPI-II and the first confirmatory study in the development cycle of the Implementation Profile Inventory.



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