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Virginia Tech’s Data Repository (VTechData) is a platform for openly publishing datasets or other research products created by Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students. 


Content Policy 

The purpose of VTechData is to highlight, preserve, and provide access to work produced by the Virginia Tech community and the intellectual output of the university in its land-grant mission. VTechData and Virginia Tech serve the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world’s community through the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge. 


Data and associated materials will be accepted in any language and in a variety of forms and formats. Through the deposit process, depositors are encouraged to provide adequate documentation to ensure usability and accessibility, and should include discipline-specific documentation in a separate file, where appropriate. VTechData staff may be able to provide some of these services. 


VTechData Publication and Curation services include:  

  • minting DOIs for datasets that can be included in articles or other publications 

  • assistance with file conversion for preservation and long-term reuse 

  • assistance with organizing and documenting complex file structures and project data 

  • assistance with generating contextual or disciplinary metadata 

If you wish to take advantage of these services, please contact data services at 


Access Policy 

The general intent of VTechData is to make data and other research products openly available to the general public; however, we recognize that certain research situations necessitate restricting access to content for a certain period of time.  Restricted objects can be deposited in VTechData if they can, within a well‚Äźdefined and reasonably short period of time, be made openly accessible to the general public via de-identification or anonymization processes. For assistance, please contact data services at 


Restricted objects will be discoverable but not accessible under the terms of deposit. Do not deposit sensitive or confidential data in VTechData; while we make every effort to maintain the privacy of restricted data, any server can be vulnerable. Sensitive data should not be stored online. If you have questions, please contact us.  


Deposit Policy 

By depositing data or other research materials into VT’s Data Repository, you affirm that: 

  • the deposit represents your own work or the work of your collaborators; any work that is not your own must be properly cited.  

Please read our Deposit Agreement before depositing your work.  

Members of the Virginia Tech community own copyright in their scholarly or educational works as described in VT Policy 13000 and VT Policy 13015. Copyright owners depositing their works in VTechData retain their copyright while granting a non-exclusive license to Virginia Tech’s Libraries for access and preservation purposes. All depositors must agree to the non-exclusive distribution license or place their works in the public domain.  

Copyright owners may also elect to license their work via the Creative Commons or Open Data License. This option is available as part of the submission process.