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Virginia Tech’s Data Repository (VTechData) is a platform for openly publishing datasets or other research products created by Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students.


1) Content
2) Depositing and Publishing Data on VTechData
3) Restricting Access to Deposited and Published Data


1) Content

The purpose of VTechData is to highlight, preserve, and provide access to research products (e.g. datasets) of the Virginia Tech community, and in doing so help to disseminate the intellectual output of the university in its land-grant mission. VTechData and Virginia Tech serve the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world’s community through the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.

2) Depositing & Publishing Data on VTechData

Data and associated materials will be accepted for deposit in any language and in a variety of forms and formats. Through the deposit process, Depositors are encouraged to provide adequate documentation to ensure usability and accessibility, and should include discipline-specific documentation in a separate file, where appropriate.

In Depositing or Publishing their data on VTechData, researchers should read the relevant Agreements on the VTechData Policies Page and can consult the User Guide as needed. Certain requirements exist for Publication of a Deposited dataset such that the dataset receives a DOI (digital object identifier).

VTechData staff can provide assistance with deposit, publication and documentation. Consult the Curation Services page for more information and contact for assistance.

3) Restricting Access to Deposited & Published Data

The intent of VTechData is to make data and other research products openly available to the general public; however, we recognize that certain research situations necessitate restricting access to content for a certain period of time. This content can be deposited in VTechData with the expectation that it will be made openly accessible to the general public (e.g. Published) in the near future. See the VTechData Visibility Options for Deposited Data page for more information about restricting access to deposited data.

Restricted access objects on VTechData will be discoverable but not accessible. Do not deposit data in VTechData that violate law, ethics or institutional policy; while we make every effort to maintain the privacy of restricted data, any server can be vulnerable. Examples of such data are enumerated in the VTechData Deposit Agreement under #3.